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Tips to plan prepare and pack for a move

A plethora of questions begins to run through your head when it is clear that you will be moving to a new house. Whether a long distance move or a short distance move, it is necessary that proper planning be done early enough. Otherwise, you will fall behind deadlines and the experience will be worse. In this article, we feature some of the important tips to help you plan, prepare and pack your belongs in readiness for the big day. Keep reading to find out the essentials that you need to have at your fingertips.

Prepare a moving journal

When you have already decided that you will be moving to a new home, it is important that you prepare a moving journal. In short, this is a moving checklist where you list all the activities that need to be done before the moving date and those that will be done on that day. The importance of the moving journal is to make sure you do leave behind some belongings or that you do not end up waiting until it is too late to begin doing the things that should have been done earlier.

Calculate the moving cost

It is obvious that you need money for the move. Whether it is your company that will pay the bill or you are financing the move from your account, it is definitely important that you calculate the cost prior to the move date. This is good for budgeting purposes. In addition, it is at this stage that you find out how much each of the moving services company charges. The idea here is obviously making sure you do not end up being over charged.

Having an estimate of the cost of moving is also important so that you source the money early enough. If it is the company that is paying the bill, you can request for the check early enough to avoid any inconveniences. Some of the things to factor when drawing the moving budget include the cost of hiring professional movers, the cost of packaging boxes, the travel cost, cost of clearing bills that are due, among other costs.

Consider filling the change of address form

Before you begin packing, it is important that you change your address. In most circumstances, this applies in the case of a long distance move. However, even during short distance move, there are some instances when this is important.

Pack the fragile items properly

Consult a professional moving services company for ideas on how to pack your fragile items. This can include things like your electronics, the kitchenware and your picture frames. Make sure the boxes that contain these items are labeled well.

Get cheaper packaging supplies

To cut on the cost of moving, you can consider the cheap packing supplies. These are available from the local supermarkets. In addition, you can purchase them from the local manufacturers where the prices are cheaper than buying from the retail shops.

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